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It's always time to play with Nike Dri-Fit Tempo shorts. Light, breathable and anti-perspiration, this sports shorts is ideal for running, jumping and climbing. The expandable sub-shorts (adorned with a Nike Fantasy print) offers additional protection and the clamping cord adjusts the outfit. Bonus: It includes a concealed pocket.
25,60€ 32,00€
Push your limits with the Nike Dri-Fit Tempo shorts. Integrated legging offers more support under your preferred and breathable preferred running shorts. In addition, the playful animal print allows you to display your real scratches.
Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, the 10K2 Nike Dri-Fit shorts is designed to run, but also to play or relax. With its anti-perspiration fabric, its secret inner pocket and sensational Swoosh style, what more?
20,80€ 26,00€
From matching day of match, Nike Pro shorts transports you to a pro skin. This ultra-expandable garment can be carried out alone, under your shorts or pants. Dri-Fit technology eliminates perspiration.
18,40€ 23,00€
When you jump and jump, the Nike Pro Shorty is there to ensure optimal support. Wear it alone or under your outfit for more protection. The expandable fabric has a fancy print and incorporates Dri-Fit technology that leaves no chance at sweat when playing.
21,60€ 27,00€