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Padel rackets

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Fun and accessible, the padel is a sport that you love from the first time you play. At Babolat we work to make you easier. Versatile, the Storm is the racket you need if you have already played several times and you are looking to buy your first racket.
The best players of the World Padel Tour era, the Sánchez Alayeto sisters ("Atomic Twins"), now have their own padel snowshoes.
249,00€ 295,00€
The Ionic Power is very handy and very effective, with a form of diamond.
179,00€ 200,00€
The Ionic Power is a very handy and very effective racket, with a form of diamond.
179,00€ 200,00€
The Hack Comfort racket is a diamond -shaped racket offering maximum power and high performance without loss of control.
199,00€ 225,00€
The complete racket. Comfortable, solid, powerful and durable ... If you try it, you will not be able to do without it. The ML10 Pro Cup racket is suitable for any type of player. If you don't know which racket to buy, the pro cup will not disappoint you. This is one of the best -selling rackets in the history of the Padel and the first racket developed by Miguel Lamperti.
169,00€ 220,00€
The Vertex 03 Comfort is a diamond -shaped racket with maximum power, high performance without loss of control.
199,00€ 225,00€
The Vertex 03 Control is a round racket with maximum control and a rough surface for the topspin.
289,00€ 325,00€
The hack 03 racket is a diamond -shaped racket, with maximum power and high performance without loss of control.
289,00€ 325,00€
This new SX6 model is more flexible than the previous version, thanks to the fiberglass that shapes its plans and the tubular frame. The result is a faster ball speed and exceptional control of the shooting.
The new Quantum 2 has a different finish from the previous version, this time with a smooth and mat surface for increased power.
This new racket has an average balance and changes the material of its plans, incorporating 3K carbon, more flexible than its predecessor, which allows greater speed and better control of the ball. For this reason, it is a versatile model, because it offers great power and great precision with each shot.
269,00€ 339,00€
SIux Diablo Mate is one of the favorite rackets of experienced players who are looking for a good balance on the court.
The Attraction World Padel Tour 2022 is a racket entirely oriented towards the attack. Designed for players who like to master the net and smasher, it incorporates an anti-vibration system to protect injury players and the HR3 foam used on business rackets.
159,00€ 175,00€
The Nerbo WPT 2022 retains all the character of its predecessor: powerful, solid and fast. With its new Black Eva multilayer core, an evolution of the multilayer core which, with 18K carbon faces, allows an optimal energy distribution which is generated by striking both low speed shots and powerful shots, improving thus The performance of the game
269,00€ 350,00€
The ML10 Luxury Bahía was born in tribute to the city that saw born one of its most illustrious athletes, Miguel Lamperti, also known as "the rifle of Bahía Blanca". We are facing a versatile racket, drop-shaped and built with the best materials.
219,00€ 295,00€
The new Vertex 03 is a diamond-shaped racket with maximum power, with a rough Topspin surface.
289,00€ 325,00€
Discover the high performance of the New Hack 03 Final Master 2022 shovel, designed in the shape of a diamond, with maximum power and high performance without loss of control.
329,00€ 395,00€
The ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition is the fruit of the multiple requests of the brand's fans, who demand to have in their hands a ML10 pro Cup still with a black aesthetics. The ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition is exactly identical in mold and materials at the ML10 Pro Cup still, only varies the aesthetics of the racket.
169,00€ 220,00€
By studying the game, we have identified different player profiles. Among them, the air striker is super dynamic, he seizes every opportunity to go up and use his speed to generate power. To express the best of his game, we have developed the air Vertio that offers easy power with extreme maneuverability.
129,00€ 165,00€