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Lightweight jackets

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Protect yourself and swallow the kilometers with this foldable and anti-transpiring jacket. Thanks to its ultra-soft tie fabric and its adjustable hood, you benefit from optimal comfort to explore new trails.
This light jacket is designed to protect you from cooler temperatures and slight bad weather.
The wet and windy weather is just one more obstacle to the making of new records. This Icon Clash jacket pushes the water while you hold your distance. We cover you with a hood and reflective elements, so that you can continue to run, whatever the distance.
You are on the trails enjoying the great outdoors, when suddenly the wind and the rain try to block your road. Fortunately, you have put on your jacket. This light and weather -resistant garment has many details designed to protect you. The removable hood keeps your face warm, while the side zips offer more freshness when the temperature rises.
The Finnish brand Marimekko has defended the emancipation of women since the 1950s. And because there is no better place to find your strength than on bitumen, this adidas running jacket gives you all the necessary tools, as Wind.dy who protects you from air gusts, zipped pockets and foldable design. You will have almost the impression of flying.
The Nike Impossible Light jacket is aptly named: it has a light and stretch silhouette that allows you to run in wet weather. This new version includes UV rays protection. Put it on and swallow the kilometers in light comfort.
80,00€ 100,00€
The Nike Air Dri-Fit jacket allows you to go on the wheel hats. The soft anti-transpiration fabric allows you to stay dry and to move naturally. The adjustable zip hood opens to allow the air to circulate and closes so that you can benefit from maximum freshness and give the best of yourself, whatever the weather.
84,00€ 105,00€
Of course, there are records to beat and goals to achieve. But admiring the falling leaves and flowering flowers is one of the best aspects of running. Choose this Adidas floral print jacket to chain kilometers in fresh weather. Zipped pockets in front and back can contain your personal effects.
80,00€ 100,00€
The Kasane ™ GPX Lite jacket is a lightweight model designed to run in case of light weather.
74,00€ 105,00€
This sticky is designed in a soft and extensible knitted tissue with good moisture management properties.
The Accelerate ™ Light jacket is an excellent race jacket for all seasons.
80,00€ 100,00€
The Accelerate ™ Waterproof 2.0 Jacket Jacket helps you to stay dry and comfortable during daily races in the rain or wind.
The Accelerate ™ Waterproof 2.0 Jacket Jacket helps you to stay dry and comfortable during daily races in the rain or wind.
The Nike ImposSibly Light jacket is a name with its light and extensible silhouette that allows you to run in wet weather. This new version includes protection against UV rays. Put on it and swallow the kilometers in a light comfort.
80,00€ 100,00€
The Lite-Show ™ Clothing Collection is designed to help riders stay visible under low light conditions. Advanced retroreflective technology works at night, reflecting any light directed to it. These details are placed around the garment for excellent visibility.
70,00€ 100,00€
Your illuminated path only by the lampposts, you slip into the quiet city as a superhero. The Adidas Glam jacket is made for all the challenges of running.
53,00€ 100,00€
Enjoy expandable comfort for total freedom of movement with the Nike Air Dri-Fit jacket. The adjustable elements allow you to control breathability, while anti-perspiration technology offers you an optimal concentration kilometer after kilometer.
72,00€ 90,00€
We never know where and when the bad weather will hit. The Nike Run Division lightweight jacket is the weather solution on your journey. This foldable protection will help you stay dry when you need it.
50,00€ 99,00€
The future Tokyo Jacket presents several graphics and Japanese characters and symbolizes Tokyo buildings, neon brands and great commitment to the subsequent development of performance technology. This flattering jacket has an amount collar and a zipped design.
59,00€ 85,00€