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Obsession is personal. Co-conceived with the legend of the Padel Fernando Belasteguin, the bag of Padel Bela Dna Super Tour meets all the needs to reach the highest level.
Compact and easy to use, this functional bag will effectively protect your equipment and streamline all your trips.
Compact and easy to use, this functional bag will effectively protect your equipment and streamline all your trips.
Padel bag with thermal compartment for 2 snowshoes. Side pocket. Hand portage function and backpack. Capacity 32L.
The Next Pro ball is a ball with a maximum speed that accelerates games and also has great durability.
6,00€ 8,00€
Paquito Navarro's hack racket bag is the perfect complement to his new hack 03 racket.
The Next Ball is a maximum speed ball, which streamlines games.
5,50€ 7,00€
The Flow racket bag is the perfect complement of the new Flow racquet of Alejandra Salazar.
Backpack made with the best technical textiles to minimize weight and increase resistance. Includes two main racket and accessory compartments as well as accessories, with net and keychain.
A backpack made for the genius of Catamarca Agustín Tapia. With the best technical textiles to reduce weight and increase resistance.
Véritable balles “premium” spécialement conçues pour la France, les balles de padel BULLPADEL ont une durabilité à toutes épreuves. Elles font partie des balles les plus durables du marché. Son Feutre synthétique offre une bonne vitesse de jeu, idéale pour les joueurs souhaitant plus de vitesse.
5,50€ 8,00€
True "premium" balls specially designed for France, the Bullpadel paddle bullets durability in all tests.
6,00€ 9,00€
Carry the bag of a legend with the paddle Bela Super Tower, a high-performance ultra bag both functional and stylish. Bearing the logo Wilson x Bela on a bright infrared polyester with a PU coating for added strength, this bag is large enough to store several rackets and other clothing or equipment paddle.
The Head Padel Pro is undoubtedly the most famous ball of the professional circuit of the World Padel Tour. It is also a model chosen by the players themselves. He not only has the confidence of the circuit, but also from Spanish Padel Federa.
6,50€ 8,00€
Padel ball fast for the competition. The felt consisting of braided fibers increases the effects of the bullet and improves durability.
6,50€ 7,30€