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GEL-RESOLUTION 9 PADEL 7.5US - 40 1/2 Navy blue

The Padel Gel-Resolution ™ 9 shoe offers advanced stability and cushioning for players who like to control the game from the bottom line.
Brand: Asics
Group SKU: 1041A334-400
Individual SKU: GELR0EHIXC
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Dynowall ™ technology in the intermediate sole now extends to the heel for more stability during side trips. It is a practical feature that is effective when you run by covering both sides of the bottom line. \ Dynawrap ™ technology at the eyelet level has been strategically redesigned to exert pressure when additional maintenance is necessary. This allows you to experience a feeling of total support when you perform rapid transitions. ¦ Finally, the outsole covering the entire length and the separate heel allow the reception to be stabilized for faster recovery between the blows.

PGUARD ™ technology
Helps increase sustainability in the toe zone and the heel of the outsole

Dynamo technology ™
Improves stability

Dynafit ™ upper
Improves flexibility

Aharplus ™ rubber outsole
Improves sustainability

Gel ™ technology on the back and front of the foot
Improves shock absorption and creates a softer sensation when hitting

Dynowall ™ technology
Improves stability

Separate exterior sole design
Helps produce more stable landings

Padel -specific outsole design