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The Booster Elite Evo2 combines the latest textile innovations and the many VALIDATIONS and scientific studies of BV Sport. This new stress sleeve is designed from several types of variable stiffness (ultra-flexible / flexible / semi-rigid / rigid) mesh that exert specific pressures at the calf, tibia and ankle level.
Brand: Bv Sport
Group SKU: 114/010
Individual SKU: BOOSD048C2
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"The Shockwave Effect, the major innovation presents on the entire booster Elite Evo2, reduces up to 42% the vibrations and muscular oscillations produced by the shock wave that is created during each impact of feet on the floor.

CALF Support unique patented compression principle by BV sport and targeted at the calf level, significantly improves venous return, promoting muscle oxygenation, tendon and ligament.

The association of these innovations allows a reduction of 39% of muscle pain post effort.

Regularly carried the booster Elite EVO2 pushes the phenomenon of heavy legs, recedes the fatigue threshold, decreases the body, considerably reduces the risk of injury and muscle injury and prepares from the effort to recovery.

"Shockwave Effect" Rupture Mesh ""

Technique: Alternation of ultra-soft and rigid meshes that promote cushioning and shock absorption.
Action: This new knitting technique presents on the entire ELITE EVO2 booster, disturbs the shock wave caused by the transitional impact when supporting the ground.
Benefits: significantly reduces vibrations and parasitic oscillations, causes injury and muscle injury (periodites, tibial fractures, DOMs).

CALF Support

Technique: rigid mesh and tangled calf pressure.
Action: improves the venous return and accelerates the elimination of toxins (CO2, free radicals) accumulated at the calf level. Limits the oscillations and muscular vibrations.
Benefits: Repels the phenomenon of heavy legs and recedes the fatigue threshold. Reduces the appearance of periostics and Doms.

Aero Tibial Window

Technique: flexible and airy mesh positioned at the tibia level.
Action: Protection of pre-tibial sensitive structures (periosteum, superficial nerves and microcirculation).
Benefits: improves comfort and feelings. Reduces the appearance of periodites.

"3D socket" mesh ""

Technique: Alveole 3D mesh that improves the maintenance of Achilles tendon
Action: The cumulative action of the 3D socket and Shockwave Effect disperses the vibrations and oscillations thanks to its "composition" in alveolous.
Benefits: Reduces the risk of inflammation of Achilles tendon.

"Tap Control" support mesh ""

Technique: semi-rigid mesh positioned in support of the previous tibial and Triceps Sural (internal / external twins and sole).
Action: The Tap Control supports the tendons of the Triceps Sural and the previous ham.
Benefits: Reduces the risk of tendinitis and lesions and improves muscle solicitation when supporting the ground, especially on irregular paths or in vertinces.

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