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BLADE 98 16X19 V8.0 UNSTRUNG G. 4 Black/green

The Blade 98 (16x19) V8 combines a captivating design with a new structure to better adapt to the trajectory of the more modern vertical movement, used by most competitive players.
Choose your rope from our list and racquet will be rope before shipment (specify the tension you want in the comments of the order).
Brand: Wilson
Group SKU: WR078711
Individual SKU: BLAD082SQF
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The flagship innovation, Fortyfive °, manages to increase both flexibility and the stability of the frame in order to offer supreme sensations each strike in contact with the ball. Always characterized by its superior presence in the hands of the best players in the world, this evolution of the Blade rewards aggressive and precise strikers with a top level of sensation connected to the ball, of torsion stability and design in variable colors to impress teammates and opponents.

The rope model (16x19) allows ropes to stretch more, generating much more power and effects
Fortyfive ° technology reinforces flexibility and stability to produce a more connected feeling of the ball, while better accompanying the trajectory of the modern vertical movement used by most competitive players
DirectConnect technology lengthens the carbon fiber handle so that it is attached directly to the tip for an improved torsion touch and stability
The elastic and dynamic finish in variable colors allows the racket to go from green to copper
The top grip type offers an unrivaled handling
The ergonomic tip improves comfort and playability
The composition in braided graphite + basalt improves the flexibility of the racket to produce an improved touch and mastery
Parallel Drilling offers a more regular and tolerant response of the sieve

Head (cm²) 632
Head (square thumb) 98
Length (cm) 68.58
Length (PO) 27
16x19 rope plan
String balance (cm) 33
Cordé balance (pts) -4
Cordé weight (grams) 321