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PALA BULLPADEL VERTEX 04 HYBRID 24 Padel Charcoal grey

The Vertex 04 Hybrid is a round ultimate control racket, with rough topspin surface. It is designed for professional or advanced players.
Brand: Bullpadel
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It incorporates two new concepts in the context, the Curvaktiv system: its curved structure offers us additional resistance to twists. Thanks to the rotation of its faces, it allows us to insert a section on the side of the variable racket. We managed to introduce a smaller section than that of the frame of the Vertex03 by increasing the rigidity, but we also managed to widen the section along its length by obtaining a more uniform transmission of voltages throughout the racket. This better distribution of vibrations and efforts is also supported by the binding of curvaktiv with air power. The air power is the natural evolution of the Air React Channel system.

This is a channel that we generate through a hollow room on the lower side of the racket. This hollow piece works better than if it was a solid room, because being formed by fewer materials, it is less prone to deformation, which makes the structure stronger.

Its external nucleus is made up of Xtend Carbon 12K carbon, its internal nucleus of the new Multi -Gausa gum and its carbontube frame 100% in carbon fiber. It has the new Customweight weight plates system which allows you to modify the balance of the racket according to the needs of each player. It has the vibradrive system for the absorption of vibrations, and the new green heart. In addition, it incorporates innovative Hesacore grip, which reduces effort, vibrations and the probability of injuries.

Approx weight: 365-375 gr
Profile: 38 mm
Balance: High
Form: Hybrid
Exterior: Xt-Carbon 12k
Interior: multieva
Player: Adult Expert
Power/control: 90/100
Multieva / Xt-Carbon 12k / Vertex / Vibradrive / Custom Weight / Carbon Tube / Hasacore / Topspin / Curvaktiv