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PALA BULLPADEL NEURON 24 Padel Black/white

The new neuron is a hybrid racket, very easy to speed up the ball.
Brand: Bullpadel
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It is designed for professional or advanced players. It incorporates two new concepts in the frame, the Neuron heart, with a transverse bridge that gives stability to avoid twists. On the other hand, the lateral Wave profile, which consists of a frame with a wave -shaped structure which dissipates the vibrations and reduces the flexion of the racket at the time of the blow. Easy acceleration with less effort. The external nucleus is composed of XTEND Carbon 3K carbon, its internal nucleus of the new Multi -stiera gum and the carbontube frame 100% in carbon fiber. It has the vibradrive system for the absorption of vibrations. In addition, it incorporates Hesacore grip, which reduces effort, vibrations and the probability of injuries.

Approx weight: 365-375 GRS.
Profile: 38 mm.
Balance: medium.
Form: Hybrid.
Exterior: Xted Carbon 3K.
Interior: multieva
Player: Adult Expert.
Power/control: 95/95
Multieva / vibradrive / carbontube / wave / carbon 3k / aero channel / smart holes / neuro bridge