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LAUNCH 9 GTS - W 8 US - 39 Black/red

Shoes made for the speed add pleasure every kilometer traveled. That's why we've designed lightweight launch running shoes and with support to provide sufficient speed for racing days, but sufficiently durable for everyday runs.
Do you want to know which shoe model suits you best? Take a virtual stride test, analyzed by one of our running specialists.
Brand: Brooks
Group SKU: 120374 1B 013
Individual SKU: LAUN7X5MOS
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We added more Biomogo DNA cushioning for dynamic and reactive strides. The thickness of the intermediate sole has been increased by 2 mm to provide more responsiveness.
The Biomogo DNA light cushion adapts to your speed, your strides and your weight to help protect your joints.
Our cushioning technologies all go from the DNA because they react to your particular strides.

Smart support
Our innovative technology supports your body in its natural movement trajectory while limiting excessive movements.
Did you know that support is not just about plantar vault?
Support Guiderails® keeps your feet, your knees and your hips.

Reactive transitions
The redesigned midsole and the outsole Green Rubber help your foot to quickly pass the heel to the toes.
Green Rubber is called because it is made from silica instead of oil, making it a more sustainable material.


8.6oz / 243.8g