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The XLR EVO multisport compression sock, benefits from all the expertise of our compressive research center and 14 years of collaboration with the technical and medical staff of the federations and professional teams.
Brand: Bv Sport
Group SKU: 256/002
Individual SKU: XLRE311CA0
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Manufactured in our production unit in France, this multisported sock 2 in 1 combines the compression with the fleece (BV sport) of the booster and an ultra technical foot that takes up the famous System Y-Sport of our socks ranges.

The mastered and adapted compression at the calf (selective compression - BV sport) of the XLR improves the venous return, promotes muscle oxygenation, tendon and ligament allowing you to improve your physiological performance and capabilities.

The reinforced knitting of the calf up to Achilles tendon improves muscle support, reduces parasitic oscillatory movements and vibrations causes fatigue and muscle lesions.

A lightened specific mesh is knitted at the tibial ridge to protect pre-tibial sensitive areas and reinforcements have been positioned at the Achilles tendon and kick at the closing of the shoe.

Its ease of threading, extreme comfort and formidable efficiency will quickly make it an ally of choice in all your sports practices.

Selective compression
Pressures adapted to calves. Fast and optimal toxin elimination.

CALF Support
Strong knitting at the calf level. Improves the muscle holding of the calf, reduces parasitic oscillatory movements and vibrations, causes fatigue and muscle lesions.

Aero Tibial Windows
Specific mesh lightened at the tibia level. Protection of pre-tibial sensitive structures.

System Y-Sport
Protection of nerves, tendons on the sliding pulley (Retinacula).

Reinforcement area at the closing of the shoe.

Mesh lightened for a better ventilation of the top of the foot.

Stabilization band of the front front.

Extra flat seam

PROTECT + (Friction Free): Heel & Pointe
Optimal Comfort, Anti-Bulb, Anti-Friction