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X SPEEDFLOW .1 SG 44 2/3 Light blue

When your instinct is in perfect harmony with your speed, nothing resists you on the ground. Think faster and plays faster with the adidas x football shoe for gras ground. The carbon fiber carbitex insert and the raised forefoot promote explosive accelerations, while the Agility structure guarantees a perfect maintenance for fast direction changes. The Adidas Primeknit rod brings you comfort and confidence.
Brand: Adidas
Group SKU: GW7471
Individual SKU: XSPEA6AB0B
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Maintenance offered by the Agility reinforcement
An internal TPU structure reinforces the light rod to offer you more stability during explosive sprints and rapid direction changes.

Outsole for gras ground
The outer sole assures you an exceptional grip on wet natural ground.

Pass adidas primeknit
The Stretch collar offers adapted support and ultra-light comfort, and allows the shoe easily.

Standard footwear.
Footwear second skin with laces.
Flushin rod.
Cushioned in 3D at the heel.
Low collar.
Sold with removable creek key.
Speedframe outsole with carbitex carbon fiber insert.