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TRABUCO MAX 2 - M 10.5US - 44 1/2 Black

The TRABUCO MAX ™ 2 shoe is inspired by the concept of technology and its symbiosis with nature to release the mind and the body.
Brand: Asics
Group SKU: 1011B606-001
Individual SKU: TRAB280UQL
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It always allows you to spend less energy and offers an excellent cushioning to travel the trails by making less effort. The FF Blast ™ Plus technology has been integrated into the intermediate sole for effortless shock absorption while spreading forward. This material also creates a more dynamic sensation that keeps the lightness of the shoe. Guidesole ™ technology is strategically positioned to facilitate the progress of the front foot. In addition, it is scientifically proven that it allows you to run longer while spending less energy.

Talo lowering 5mm heel
Weight 305 g/10.8 oz