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RUSH PRO 4.0 CLAY 11.5UK - 46 2/3 Lime

The Rush Pro 4.0 Clay improves dynamic movement on the ground thanks to two innovations of the intermediate sole and the outsole. Evolution of the construction of the chassis of the rush pro 3.5, the 4D 2.0 support chassis divides the chassis into two parts for a double objective: a part goes under the foot for better support and propulsion forward, while the The other goes laterally for additional stability and control.
Brand: Wilson
Group SKU: WRS329450
Individual SKU: RUSH25V1UT
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4D chassis support 2.0
This split chassis extends under the foot to provide better support and better propulsion forward. This side piece starts from the heel to the toes for ultimate stability and control throughout the dynamic movement.

Sensifeel 2.0
This minimum layer rod with a technical stitch offers improved breathability, sensation and comfort, as well as a homogeneous adjustment.

This internal structure of full sock offers improved comfort and stability, as well as intuitive adjustment.

Medial Rubber Drag Pad
This rubber coating in the middle zone of the forefoot offers additional resistance and protection when sliding the foot.

Ortholite Eva Molded
This high density ortholite foam offers maximum cushioning and impressive longevity.

This heeling slope (9 mm) offers the best compromise between comfort and performance.

Composed of high density and sustainable exclusive rubber which offers excellent resistance to friction and maximum grip on all surfaces.

This foam intermediate sole offers an optimal cushioning and recovery association for dynamic performance.

This light EVA foam at the front of the intermediate sole offers a softer sensation for an optimal transfer of body weight to impact, creating more explosive acceleration.

The 4D 2.0 support chassis divides the chassis into two parts: one under the foot for the front propulsion, the other laterally of the heel to the toes for a superior stability and control

The Energy Cell includes a light EVA foam at the front of the intermediate sole to create a softer sensation and an optimal transfer of the body weight for an explosive acceleration

Sensifeel 2.0 has a minimum layer rod with a mesh designed for breathability, feeling and comfort improved

Endofit improves comfort, stability and intuitive adaptation thanks to an internal structure of full sock

The DF2 system covers contact with the short, offering a compromise between comfort and speed (DF2 = 9 mm tail slope)

The median rubber reinforcement provides reinforced sustainability and protection during the foot slip

The R-DST+ system offers an optimal damping and recovery association for more dynamic performance

Duralast is an exclusive high density and sustainable rubber compound which offers excellent abrasion resistance and maximum grip on all surfaces

Designed to offer the best performance on clay