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PRO RACING SOCKS V4.0 RUN HIGH S3 (42-44) Navy blue

New generation efficient running socks providing superior comfort, bulbs prevention and optimal ventilation on all your races.
Brand: Compressport
Group SKU: XU00046B-533
Individual SKU: PRORBJ64MY
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Performance evolves. And racing socks too. For the brand new generation of our bestseller Pro Racing Socks Run, we asked the compressport runners to tell us exactly what they liked, what they needed and what they wanted. The result is a race sock specially designed to provide optimal ventilation and bulbs protection when you head to your next record.

Technical weaving is light and airy, it quickly evacuates humidity so that your feet remain fresh and dry, even in warmer conditions. A brand new, wider toe -reinforcement area offers a more ergonomic adjustment and a Better proprioception, allowing toes to get intuitively to receive reception for a natural and fluid stride. A fine mesh around the ankle offers targeted support when you accelerate the rhythm, while a sponge fabric pad on the big toe saves you from having blackened nails during longer races. The medium plantar vault support stimulates microcirculation and prevents the tissue from twisting and bending, thus avoiding a bulbs and painful irritations.

On the Achilles tendon, two lines of 3D.Dots add protection and support. They surround a row of all new flat. Dots for better ventilation. Under the foot, a pattern of 3D.Dots (75 %) and flat. Dots (25 %) damages the impacts and offers additional adhesion and ventilation, as well as a slight micro-stimulation, which increases The venous return and to delay fatigue as the kilometers accumulate. The height is lower than that of trail and bicycle models, with an adjustment and technologies specially designed for the requirements of the road race .

An ergonomic tab at the rear adds a touch of comfort and style and, if you forget for what activity you are about to go out, the discipline is discreetly embroidered inside. The elegant design of this high-tech sock is faithful to our performance DNA, all you have to do is hit the road with speed, comfort and class.