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PRO RACING SOCKS V3.0 TRAIL S4 (45-48) Black/red

The trailers' feet are set to harsh events - rugged trails, rocks, mud, puddles ... over the longest distances, comfort is an important factor to take into account optimal performance.
Brand: Compressport
Group SKU: TSHV3-99RD
Individual SKU: PROR6C4FD9
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PRS V3 Trail have been designed to provide maximum maintenance and protection as well as perfect moisture management for upper comfort. Ergonomic and well adjusted, they eliminate friction and risk of injury.

Two stabilizing fins bring more stability and strength to your stride. A lightweight compression band around the plantar vault prevents socks running or sliding in your shoes. This band of compression stimulates the venous return by bringing more tonicity to your stride. Thanks to their ventilation bands and their hydrophobic fibers, these socks dry very quickly, avoiding any unpleasant feeling of wet feet.

Additional protection of the big toe protects from shocks with the ground. Seamless and elastic free, they eliminate any risk of irritation and pressure. These unisex blue trail socks are ultra-light and perfectly ergonomic.