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GLYCERIN 19 - M 11 US - 45 Black

Take a step closer to comfort with its cushioning DNA Loft Ultra soft under the foot, Glycerin 19 offers a perfect kilometer comfort after kilometer.
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Brand: Brooks
Group SKU: 110356 1D 034
Individual SKU: GLYC24864B
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Ultra-soft cushioning
Our sweetest cushioning is called DNA Loft. We designed it to offer you sweetness under the feet, while being durable and responsive. And did we mention that she is lighter than ever? Super soft, but never too soft our cushioning technologies all go from the DNA because they react to your particular strides.

Comfortable interior
A new mesh rod stretches for a spacious, but safe footwear, and allows for greater air circulation. No need to choose between comfortable and breathable.

Fluid transitions
We placed a large part of this ultra-soft cushioning in the middle of the shoe. Thus, going from the heel to the toes is incredibly soft during the runs. No matter how your foot strikes the ground, the fluid transitions assure you continuous comfort. If we did well, you should not even realize the transitions.

10.2oz / 289.2g