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Take advantage of your running sessions thanks to the Metarun ™ 1/2 zip long Sleeve Top hold.
When it is not cold enough to wear a jacket but not hot enough for short sleeves, the half zip is essential.
You descend the earth trails and mountain land during your daily runs. This second layer garment gives you heat in all lightness, adapted to the conditions you may meet on steep roads. We have meticulously studied every detail and added stretch mittens to protect your hands in cold weather. Do you need to take a key or card with you? Store them in the zipped pocket, easy to access. You can now get started with confidence and the greatest comfort.
The ECO Script Cotton Hooded Sweater attracts attention through the collision between durability, comfort and timeless style.
The Wool Rib LS Top is designed to help you stay warm when you run in cold weather. Its neckline is designed to be drawn back when you need additional ventilation, while the thicket holders prevent the sleeves back. The adjusted cutting of the jersey also offers a flattering cut and better heat retention. Finally, this top has a reflective asic spiral and details to increase visibility under low light conditions.
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