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EVO DRIVE STRUNG G. 1 White/blue

Do you like self-succeeding that tennis implies? Discover the Evo Drive tennis racket. Whether you want to have fun with your friends or see what level you can reach (and why not both at the same time?), This affordable racket brings you power and comfort to allow you to have fun on the short and d 'Exploit all your potential.
Brand: Babolat
Group SKU: 102431-136
Individual SKU: EVOD2B58B4
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Easy Power
You told us to need power for your game. So we designed a racket made for you and imagined a new concept: Easy Power. Thanks to its new construction, a brand new 16x17 rope and a sieve of 670 cm², it has never been so easy to send a bullet with so much power.

You do not support to feel vibrations in the arm or hear an unpleasant noise when you hit the bullet? Problem solved ! You must absolutely test the comforting feel that this racket with each striking with its SWX Evo Feel technology: a thin layer of highly cushioning viscoelastic material placed between the carbon layers, which absorbs vibration and shocks.

Go ... Admit! It's frustrating to hit the bullet with the racket frame. You just need a little more space in the rope and a racket head a little bigger. This is how we designed the Evo Drive racket: so you can shine with powerful strikes, even on the offshore shots.

Size of sieve: 670 cm²
Length: 685 mm
Weight (not rope): 270 g +/- 7g
Equilibrium (unspecified): 320 mm +/- 7mm
Inertia: 285
Cordage plan: 16/17
Rigidity (RA): 70